Columbia County Christmas Parade

Georgia Sting Family

I wanted to take a moment and say thanks to everybody for their participation today in the Columbia County Christmas parade. It was nice to see everyone coming together to celebrate the Christmas spirit and promote our awesome organization. It takes a lot of time and effort for these things to come together and be perfect whether rain or shine.

A special shout out and big thank you to Coach Jacob for coming up with the idea and organizing everything!!! A special high five to all the players and parents that came out in the rain to help decorate and support these young ladies. The Christmas spirit is about so much more than receiving gifts under the tree and today was a great example of how handing out candy to young children of all ages and telling them Merry Christmas and that we appreciate their support in this community goes along way.

You never know when one of those flyers gets into the hands of a special young lady that may impact your daughter’ life or your team and you never know when that young kid that got that candy today when they start thinking about basketball they’re hoping that they can one day make the Georgia Sting travel basketball team. Thanks again and just wanted to say I’m very proud of to be apart of this program and be surrounded by so many special Georgia Sting family members.

God Bless

Coach McMurray